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A Note From Our Founder

I’ve been a CEO, CMO, author, wife and mom. But the most important experience in my life is my journey with anxiety. 


Generalized Anxiety Disorder and chronic depression impaired my life for 20 years.  Frustrated with traditional therapies I made it my mission to explore the science of anxiety’s solutions. I cross tested this data with what was practical for someone actually experiencing it. 


With a degree in psychology and an MBA as a foundation, I developed Anxiety Schmanxiety first for myself -- and then for other’s on a similar journey. Having seen the profound impact others have experienced, and empathizing with the frustrations of traditional methods, I founded LUMNA to make that solution accessible for all. Mental health is a basic human right. My deepest wish is for you to tap into that power house that is your mind so it can fuel your dreams. 


LUMNA is the way forward. I hope you’ll join us for this immersive, uplifting journey toward mental wellness and thriving. 

Our Mission:

To create the most transformative, uplifting, and accessible solution to anxiety -- for everyone. To transform the perception of mental health challenge from flaw to gift.

Our Vision:

A world in which the millions of people who struggle with mental health stand tall. They are finally free from its dark cloud. Finding their light within they’re able to illuminate their lives and the world around them.

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