Krystal Chong

Krystal is a mental health tech entrepreneur and the founder of LUMNA and Anxiety Schmanxiety. 


Previously she was one of the principals running Honey Bun and was instrumental in the company’s growth and IPO. She was then a part of the executive team at WhistlePig which was acquired for 300 M. 


Wanting to create meaningful change and provide real solutions from her personal journey with anxiety, she founded Anxiety Schmanxiety. With 20 years of scientific research and a degree in psychology and an MBA as a foundation, she developed a holistic method where participants consistently report experiencing unprecedented results with anxiety. She then founded LUMNA to make this proven transformative solution accessible for everyone. 


She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, from McGill, Montreal. And an MBA from ISM Paris. 

Founder and CEO

Jeremy Robinson Leon

Jeremy was the president of the award winning PR firm, Group Gordon, based in NYC. He led client strategy, business development, and operations and helped build some iconic brands. He's an entrepreneur, advising CEOs and boards on brand positioning, growth strategy, and reputation management. 
Past clients include Shake Shack, Unilever, the NFL Players Association, Assetmark, CAVA,, the Ford Foundation, and many others. He is quoted on brand and strategy in the media extensively, appearing in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg, and on CNN, ABC News, and more.  
Jeremy graduated from Vassar College. He currently sits on the board of the Center for Urban Pedagogy.

Partner,  Communications and Brand Strategy Advisor

Scott Michaels

Scott is a partner at Apply Ventures where he evaluates investment opportunities in the tech space. He is a partner and Chief Strategist at Apply Digital where he helps companies solve the harder problems in the world of digital products. He is a mentor for Techstars. Scott built 50 of the first 500 apps in the Apple store. 


He was responsible for the strategy and launch of more than 150+ products in B2C and B2B, primarily for the F1000, and really great startups.


A Strategist/Product Leader he has a particular focus on digital products, mobile, voice, blockchain, and emerging technology. He has been an integral part of the sea-change to digital for many companies, including Microsoft, Bloomberg, ESPN, HBO and hundreds of other F1000 companies. His expertise is grounded in these complex environments, along side award-winning work in mobile (I bet you have something he worked on on your phone today!)

Product and Tech Start Up Advisor

Sharene Mamby

Resident Client Experience Designer

Sharene is the Senior Manager of Product Management and Governance at CI Global Asset Management, a global wealth management firm with approximately $231 B in assets. She has leadership roles in product development, implementation, management and governance for a financial product with assets totalling over $8 B. 


Sharene connected with our mission as a past participant of Anxiety Schmanxiety where she found meaningful change for her journey with anxiety. With a deep belief in our vision, she became a mentor in the program and now advises on product design and client experience. 


She has a BSC Psychology and BA Anthropology from LSU. She attended the Master of Education program in Counselling at LSU, before pursuing a career in finance.

Danhee Bhakta

Business and Marketing Strategy Advisor

As a co-founder and CMO at WhistlePig Whiskey, Danhee was instrumental in growing the company from early stage startup through to a 300 M acquisition within 5 years.


During her time at McGill and Columbia she worked with leading professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and became a fervent enthusiast for natural remedies. 


She recently acquired Green Mountain College where they are creating an incubator, accelerator and co-op for farm-based luxury product businesses.


She has a BSc in cell anatomy and biology from McGill Montreal where her studies focused on life and health sciences and a Masters Degree in biotechnology at Columbia University, New York. She is a devoted yogi, a classical pianist and a mother of four.

Manny Guerrero

Manny leads finance and legal operations at Kindred Inc, a robotics and artificial intelligence start-up acquired for $260M in December 2020. Over the last decade, he has worked as a strategic and finance leader for early-stage startups, including Etsy and Indiegogo.  


He enjoys partnering with other mission-driven and passionate people to build companies that can have a positive social impact. 


He has a BSc in Accounting from Fordham University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Finance Advisor

Dr Sarah Greer

Dr. Sarah Greer is a clinical neuropsychologist, psychology professor and has published in the field of clinical neuropsychology. She jointly specializes in neuropsychology and in clinical treatment of mood and anxiety disorders. 


She has over 15 years of experience in the field of mental health. In her clinical work, Dr. Greer is committed to best practice standards and has received special training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy from Oxford Cognitive Therapy Center, a widely recognized center of excellence in CBT training and research. She has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Oxford and a BA in Psychology from McGill University. She worked for over 9 years in the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, where she spent time working within the newly formed "Improving Access to Psychological Therapies" program. 


She believes strongly in patient centered, collaborative formulations, treatment plans and neuropsychological assessments that are founded on the evidence base. Dr. Greer has also been trained in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which research suggests can be particularly helpful for recurrent depression, anxiety and mood difficulties


Dr. Greer is an instructor/professor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, where she teaches courses such as Neuropsychology, Psychopathology, Clinical Interventions, Aging, Rehabilitation and advanced topic seminars. 

Psychologist Advisor

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